Friday, December 11, 2009

Bye, Bye Summer: What to do by the Lake Shore in the winter - Part 1 {Jazzy Jazz}

I haven't really gone outside much since this cold weather showed up. I'm not much of a winter person at all. I mean I like the odd crisp winter walk; and I really do love the look of snow, but the cold I can do without (even though I really do love bundling up in those cozy cowls).

So if you're like me, what the heck do you do in these dark winter months? I've put together some sort of guide, and please, if you know of something fun to do leave me a comment because I need all the help I can get!

Jazz Hands
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This post is all about jazz. This past weekend my hubby Mark and I had a craving for some jazz so we popped on over to Birds and Beans for some Sunday Jazz. First of all, if you've never been to Birds and Beans, you're missing out on the most delicious coffee known to man. (Lately I've been sipping on lattes, but my true love from there is the London Fog. I've only managed to order it once. The don't have it on the menu, so won't make it anymore until more people ask for it, so please for the love of Sundays ask for a London Fog! Ok I digress).

Ok back to the Jazz.

Every Saturday and Sunday Birds and Beans has some really fun jazz. You walk in, get your coffee and some nibbles (the breakfast cookie is available during all hours of the day and is quite delish); then turn around and walk up the stairs. You might feel a bit intimidated if it's your first time going upstairs because the jazzers are right there, but just step past them and find a spot on one of the 'ol chairs or the reclaimed church pew. The jazzers comprise a group of about 10 or so people who manage to all play together seamlessly. The jazz on Saturday changes up a bit, but the Sunday show seems to usually have The Birds of a Feather at noon, with Jazz at Birds and Beans with Fair Trade at 2:30. Get there early so you can get a seat.

But Birds and Beans isn't the only place with live jazz by the Lake!

Café Du Lac is another place to enjoy some fun live music. I think I talked about the live music there before, but the fun part about this place is that it's quaint and cozy; and cozy = staying warm. Order some poutine, sit back and enjoy.

If you're closer to Brown's Line you can catch some cool jazz every Saturday at Tatsu's Bread. They pull their jazz folks right out of Humber who provide a nice and warm atmosphere to enjoy your organic earl grey (hey maybe they'll make me a London Fog!) and a delectable dessert. If you go there during lunch they have these crazy yummy curried tuna sandwiches that I dream of on a weekly basis.

Momo's Bistro isn't quite by the lake but it still seems warm and cozy (I haven't been there yet!) and has some live jazz for all you folks. Check out the jam packed calendar here.

Ok that's all I've got. I'm semi-new in these parts so I'm partly counting on y'all to let me know what I've missed.

Also if you have ideas for other things to do in the area to keep warm, give me a shout at s_dodge (at) rogers (dot) com so I can add it to my next post!

Have a great Friday, jazz it up and stay warm for goodness sakes -- it's cold out there!

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